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Wedding Rings and Jewellers in Cambridge

The wedding ring is a timeless symbol of you marriage and you need to make sure you choose a ring that suits your personality and style. But there is a bewildering range to choose from! Before you do anything else, find out what size of ring you need (most jewellers have a set of measurement rings). You then need to decide of the material....and this isl ikely to be influenced for the bride by the engagement ring she wears.
Wedding rings There is a wide range of wedding jewellery available. After finding your size you need to decide on the material:  The brides wedding ring must be of the same grade of material as her engagement ring as they will rub against each other on her finger and if there is a softer material it will wear out! With gold you need to have the same carat value. For instance, if the engagement ring is 18 carat gold you will need an 18 carat gold wedding ring too. For men there are a number of new materials available for wedding rings which are more robust and yet very stylish. For instance, tungsten carbide and titanium are now more common and have good anti- scratch properties. Don’t forget to allow time when looking for rings as the shop may not have you particular size available from stock. It can take 2 weeks for a store to get the right ring in. Remember that your finger size can change with the temperature of the air. In winter your finger may be a size smaller than in summer so make sure there is enough room for this potential fluctuation. It is worth looking both on-line and in shops as prices can vary wildly. Generally gold is sold by weight so if you want to compare like with like it is worth knowing the weight of the rings you are looking at.
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