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If you are planning on a big party in the evening at your wedding reception you will probably want a band or DJ. There are plenty to choose from but where do you begin? First of all you need to decide if you want live music.....if you do there is a good chance that the band can also provide a DJ service as all the equipment will be in place! The following tips and advice may also help:
Your special day If you want live music at your wedding reception you will probably not need a DJ too so this can actually save some money over booking a separate DJ.  Book well in advance! Summer months are most popular for weddings and bookings are often arranged a year in advance. If you leave it too late your preferred supplier may already be booked! Get at least 2 or 3 quotes for the services that your require and when you look at the price remember to make sure you are comparing like with like. Service quality and quantity do vary! There is a big difference between a “pub band” and professional musicians. You will often have a wide range of age groups at a wedding reception and catering for all tastes can be difficult. A good professional band will be able to offer a range of musical options. Maybe you want quiet background music whilst you eat? And then maybe the full band for dancing later on? And how about a disco to finish off the evening? A pro wedding band will be able to provide all these services. The size of venue that you choose may impact the costs as a large venue will often need a large sound system. Try to think about how many guests you will have and ask the band to qote on that basis. Time and distance will also effect costing. Asking a Cambridge wedding band to play in Scotland may cost a lot!
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For an evening of great soul, funk, R&B, and classic dance music contact Groove Tube. We are the most popular wedding band in Cambridgeshire with years of experience and an impressive client list of major venues and celebrities, and excellent references. A seven-piece band with live horn section, stunning sound system, male and female singers, playing classic dance music from Motown to contemporary chart toppers. We also provide options for a disco and live background music whilst you eat. Visit www.groovetube.info or call 01353 669854 
The No1 wedding band in Cambridge. Soul, funk, R&B, jazz. www.groovetube.info 01353 669854
The most popular Cambridge jazz band with over 20 years experience and thousands of gigs including celebrity clients. EastSide Jazz play a wide range of popular music with their unqiue jazz feel. Perfect for family enertainment at a wedding or party! Available in combinations from a classic jazz trio to a sextet with male and female vocals.
Web site: www.eastsidejazz.co.uk Email: info@eastsidejazz.co.uk Mobile: 07971 550885
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