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Wedding Photographers & Videographers in Cambridgeshire

Most people want a photographic record of their wedding day. It is also very popular to have a video recording of your wedding. This page provides information on professional photographers and videographers who specialise in taking photos and videos of weddings in the Cambridgeshire area.
Photography & video Choosing a photographer or videographer for your wedding can be difficult with so many to choose from. The following tips may help you ensure you make the right choice: Video and photographs are visual arts. Take a look at the web site of the business you are considering and ask yourself “is it well designed?”, and “is it visually attractive?”.  If the answer is “no” this will give you some idea of their artistic and creative capabilities! Qualifications do not mean a great deal in this business. Producing good visual images is about passion for the art and an empathy with the subject. A good videographer will have demo videos on line. Linking into multimedia video players is easy.....if they give excuses about “incompatibility” chances are they do not know what they are doing so steer clear! A good photographer will be able to show you examples from previous weddings (not just examples of wildlife or corporate photography). Ask to see examples. Getting a good shot at a wedding is as much about the photographer or videographers personality and tenacity as it is about the equipment. Talk to the photographer or if possible meet with them.....do they make you smile? Don’t be swayed by claims “celebrity” clients. Can they be substantiated? Are they recent? What is the relevance to you?
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