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Wedding venues, hotels, restaurants & marquees in Cambridgeshire

There are many excellent wedding venues in Cambridgeshire. These include hotels, stately homes, restaurants, and village halls. And don;t forget it is also very popular to hold a wedding reception at home with a marquee in your garden. On this page we list a range of popular wedding venues and marquee supplies in the Cambridgeshire area.
Choosing a wedding venue Before considering venues for your wedding reception you might like to start by assembling a guest list as when you make enquiries the venue will need to know how big the room needs to be. You may also like to consider the following points when choosing a wedding venue: Book well in advance! Summer months are most popular for weddings and bookings are often arranged a year in advance. If you leave it too late your preferred venue may already be booked! Get at least 2 or 3 quotes from different venues and when you look at the prices remember to make sure you are comparing like with like. Service quality and quantity do vary! Think about the type of wedding you want.....traditional (maybe in a stately home?), all services on hand (perhaps a hotel), quiet and relaxed (perhaps a country venue?) Home wedding receptions are very popular. The intimacy is nice especially if you are having close family and friends. There are plenty of suppliers for home weddings to do catering, marquees, wedding music etc. If you are planning a wedding at home try to invite the neighbours so they don’t get too concerned about noise! Make a shortlist of venues and visit them. Pay attention to the details such a cleanliness, location of facilities on the site, who manages events etc.
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